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Pin Oak Farms
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Pin Oak Farms

Locale ID MO0001

Run by Duane and Michelle Brune
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Pin Oak Farms is a diversified farming operation. We raise cattle, hay, row crops and vegetables. Vegetables are the largest part of our operation consisting of 160 acres. The produce we grow includes bell peppers, cucumbers, egg plant, muskmelons, pumpkins, sweet corn, tomatoes and winter squash. Every October we invite the public to come out and celebrate with us at our annual family fun days at our Pin Oak Farms U-Pick Pumpkin Patch. Where we offer wagon rides out to the pumpkin fields to pick your pumpkin. Don't worry about those kiddos while you browse our many fall decorations we offer for you they will be busy jumping, sliding and pedaling in our kiddo corral or having fun in our free straw bale maze, tub-o-corn, petting zoo. If you can't find the kids they are most likely in our 5 acre corn maze which is also free of charge. This will give you extra money to buy more pumpkins so bring a large trunk car, oh heck, just throw the kids in the back of the truck so you will have enough room for those beautiful pumpkins. Did you know we offer evening hay rides with a bon fire starting in September for birthday parties, corporate outings, church groups, or any excuse to get some friends together. Please call in advance for group hay ride reservations, you are also welcome to pitch a tent just don't pitch it in the creek or in the trash can please. For more information on our family fun days please visit our web site

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Locale Products

Acorn Squash in Missouri
Acorn Squash 1 Bushel in Missouri
Bi Color Sweet Corn in Missouri
Bi Color Sweet Corn Bulk in Missouri
Butternut Squash in Missouri
Butternut Squash 1 Bushel in Missouri
Cabbage in Missouri
Cabbage 1 3/4 Bushel in Missouri
Cantaloupe in Missouri
Cantaloupe 100 Count in Missouri
Cantaloupe 110 Count in Missouri
Cantaloupe 80 Count in Missouri
Cantaloupe 90 Count in Missouri
Choice Pepper in Missouri
Choice Pepper 1 Bushel in Missouri
Cucumber in Missouri
Cucumber 24 Count in Missouri
Eggplant in Missouri
Eggplant 18 Count in Missouri
Eggplant 24 Count in Missouri
Green Bell Pepper in Missouri
Green Bell Pepper 1 Bushel in Missouri
Green Bell Pepper 50 Ct. in Missouri
Green Bell Pepper 60 Count in Missouri
Jack-O-Lantern 30 Count in Missouri
Jack-O-Lantern Large in Missouri
Jack-O-Lantern Small in Missouri
Jack-O-Lantern Small 40 Ct in Missouri
Pie Pumpkin in Missouri
Pie Pumpkin 1 Bushel in Missouri
Pie Pumpkin 140 Count in Missouri
Pie Pumpkin 160 Count in Missouri
Spaghetti Squash 1 Bushel in Missouri
Speghetti Squash in Missouri
Sweet Corn in Missouri
Sweet Corn Bulk in Missouri
Tomatoes in Missouri
Tomatoes 20 Pound in Missouri
Tomatoes 25 Pound in Missouri

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