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Agri Label & Tag, LLC
Our Locale
  Traceability Information Print Your Own Case Label GS1 Case & Pallet Labels Small & Large PLU Labels Squash Labels New! GS1 Databar
Locale ID:  AZ6000
Homepage URL:
Business Detailed:  Agri Label & Tag offers our valued customers over 30 years experience manufacturing pressure sensitive labels for the produce industry. Price Look Up Labels, Case Labels, Date & Code Labels and Applicators. Picking Tickets and Tags for outdoor applications. We also offer Label Applicators. We also print UPC, GS1 Databar and GS1 128 barcode labels. Please visit our website to learn how we can assist you with your labeling applications.
Owners Name:  Al Johnsen
Contact Email:  Contact Member
Contact Phone:  1-866-401-3944
Contact Fax:  1-520-413-5492
Street Address:  2953 N. Desert Horizons Lane
City:  Casa Grande
County:  Pinal
US Zipcode:  85122-8512
State (if in U.S.):  AZ
Country:  United States
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