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MA前 Organic farms
Our Locale
Locale ID:  HI6000
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Business Detailed:  Social entrepreneurship growing organic food and young leaders working for a sustainable Hawai訴. Food Security is the ability to acquire food that is safe and nutritious in a socially acceptable way. A movement built around the reestablishment of living local food system to empower our community to move towards self-sufficiency: educating the next generations; fighting hunger, improving health and nutrition; producing our own organic foods; and living/working by the values of aloha 疎ina. MA前 Organic Farms, a 5-acre certified organic farm, producing and selling over twenty-five different varieties of high-quality organic fruits and vegetables. 羨i Pohaku Workshop, a hands-on, culturally based program at Wai疎nae Intermediate that nurtures youth and families through traditional Hawaiian agriculture and food practices. Ka疎ihonua, a hands-on, learning organic garden at Wai疎nae High School that studies contemporary agriculture science in the context of traditional Hawaiian culture and knowledge. Youth Leadership Training, a hands-on, entrepreneurial紡gricultural貌ducational leadership experience in which interns will earn an Associate of Arts degree from Leeward Community College. Wai疎nae Organic Ag Center, a partnership with Leeward Community College and U.S. Department of HUD to establish and expand expertise in the fields of tropical organic agriculture. EA: To build on individual and community assets to create new local jobs and local businesses, increasing our capacity to be self-sufficient; KAKO前: To provide diverse experiences and opportunities, which mentor, educate and employ, where creativity and expression are nurtured; KOKUA: To promote diverse cooperative approaches to work and business that build community connections; 前HANA: To work with the entire 双hana for optimum individual, family and community health; and HO前MALU: To encourage and live by Hawaiian values which build a peaceful community. P.O. Box 441 Wai`anae, HI 96792
Owners Name:  Gary Forth
Contact Email:  Contact Member
Contact Phone:  (808) 696-5569
Contact Fax:  n/a
Street Address:  86-210 Puhawai Road
City:  Wai`anae
County:  Honolulu
US Zipcode:  96792
State (if in U.S.):  HI
Country:  United States
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Joined Site:  May 10, 2010
Homepage Hits:  602
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