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Locale ID:  MA6008
Homepage URL:  n/a
Business Detailed:  Edible Vineyard is a locally-owned and operated magazine, published four times each year, which focuses on the food that is grown, caught, cooked, and of course, eaten in our Island community. Edible Vineyard has joined over 50 other publishers nationwide who have successfully welcomed their own version of this local publication into their neighborhoods, communities, and their kitchens. From this national/local experience, we can tell you that Edible readers are savvy and community minded, like you. They are the customers you want. Why should you advertise with Edible Vineyard? There are no other magazine publications devoted solely to the Vineyard’s local food scene—one which tells the stories of the people who raise, grow, catch, forage, hunt, gather, cook and of course, eat, on the island. You will receive a listing in our Advertisers Directory. You will have a supply of edible Vineyard to distribute to your customers … makes a great “thank you!” You will be supporting the Island’s local food economy—our farmers and our fishermen. Surveys in other Edible communities show that each copy is passed to approximately 3.5 readers … and so will your ad! Edible will be offered for free at newsstands, which means that you will reach lots of potential customers. Edible readers read the issues cover-to-cover and keep them for the tried & true recipes included in each edition. Your ads get read.
Owners Name:  n/a
Contact Email:  Contact Member
Contact Phone:  (508) 693-2425
Contact Fax:  (508) 693-8064
Street Address:  P.O. Box 1838
City:  Vineyard Haven
County:  n/a
US Zipcode:  n/a
State (if in U.S.):  MA
Country:  United States
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Joined Site:  June 18, 2010
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Reviewed Listings:  Massachusetts (1 Review)
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