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Product Suppliers > Names beginning O > O X Ranch - Arizona Grass-fed Beef
O X Ranch - Arizona Grass-fed Beef
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Locale ID:  AZ5014
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Business Detailed:  Please visit us at for a full description of our product and business!! O X Angus cattle graze naturally not only on irrigated fields, but on the natural forage in over 100,000 acres of the Upper Sonoran Desert. The cattle are moved in a carefully managed rotational grazing system allowing for rest and invigorating re-growth of the forage. Herd health is our focus at O X Ranch. Because of the healthy unstressed lives of O X cattle, our ranch's cattle program exceeds the requirements of the Beef Quality Assurance Program - Level 3 administered by the University of Arizona College of Agriculture and the Natural Cattlemen's Beef Association. Health benefits abound with the grass-fed beef in our natural grazing program! Grass-fed beef contains much lower saturated fat and has additional elements necessary for good health: more Vitamins A and E, Beta Carotene, Omega-3 fatty acids and CLAs (Conjugated Linoleic Acid). O X 100% grass-fed beef is processed in government inspected local processing plants that cut and package your beef according to your specifications. After "dry-aging" your beef, it is then frozen and delivered to your doorstep. Economically, our grass-fed beef is the best value for the highest quality meat available. We even offer a money-back guarantee we are so confident you will enjoy our product!
Owners Name:  Lisa Mailliard
Contact Email:  Contact Member
Contact Phone:  602-254-7177
Contact Fax:  n/a
Street Address:  340 E. Palm Lane - 135
City:  Phoenix
County:  n/a
US Zipcode:  85004
State (if in U.S.):  AZ
Country:  United States
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Joined Site:  June 29, 2010
Homepage Hits:  336
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