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Waconia Farm Supply Farmer's Market
Our Locale
Locale ID:  MN9005
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Business Detailed:  Our Farmer's Market allows local customers a wide variety of products. In years past we have had an array of fruits and vegetables, homemade furniture & even bread. This year you can expect garden fruits & vegetables, kettle corn, jams & jellies, sweet corn & even crafts. Our Farmer's Market is every Tuesday from 2:00-6:00 P.M., and usually starts sometime in early June. Our market is free to vendors as long as you sign up with us ahead of time. If you are interested in becoming a vendor please contact Tom Church at 612-718-4154. We are located on the corner of Highway 5 and Highway 284 in Waconia, MN, just across from the Walgreen's. Waconia Farm Supply "A Farm Store & A Whole Lot More" 801 South Highway 284 Waconia, MN 55387
Owners Name:  Tom Church
Contact Email:  Contact Member
Contact Phone:  (952) 442-2126
Contact Fax:  (952) 442-4489
Street Address:  582 South Cherry Drive
City:  Waconia
County:  n/a
US Zipcode:  55387
State (if in U.S.):  MN
Country:  United States
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Joined Site:  July 23, 2010
Homepage Hits:  1216
Reviewed Listings:  Minnesota (1 Review)
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