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Naylor Organics
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Naylor Organics

Locale ID CA0012

Run by Mike and Nori Naylor
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Mike is a third generation farmer with a knack for storytelling. He has been using organic farming practices since 1984. Mike and his wife, Nori, opened Naylor's Organic Family Farm Stay in 2011. This is a European-style operation in which the guests stay in the same house as the farmers. Guests may stay one to four nights Wednesday - Saturday or by appointment. There are two single/double occupancy rooms with queen-sized beds and private baths. Guests are encouraged to uplug, but free WiFi and TV are available.

Spring (February - March) is the time to enjoy the delightful sights and smells of the trees in bloom and a spectacular view of the snow-capped Sierra Nevada Mountains (weather permitting).

Summer (mid-May to mid-August) is the time to enjoy fresh organic fruit and farm tours. Fruit can be picked and purchased on the farm depending upon availability.

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Yellow Peach in California

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