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Slow Food USA's Ark of Taste (Localharvest site)
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Slow Food USA's Ark of Taste (Localharvest site)

Locale ID AL6004

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The Ark of Taste serves as a resource to those interested in reviving rare breeds and learning about endangered foods, with the goal of encouraging the continued production and consumption of these delicious foods. Here are a few examples of Ark of Taste Products: Many more available for purchase on if you want to support this important effort.


* Capitol Reef Apple * Granite Beauty Apple * Gravenstein Apple of Sonoma County * Harrison Cider Apple * Hauer Pippin Apple * Newtown Pippin Apple * Sierra Beauty Apple * Blenheim Apricot * Fuerte Avocado * Puebla Avocado * Popenoe avocado * Black Republican Cherry * Bronx Grape * Black Sphinx Date * Charbono Grape of California * Napa Gamay/Valdiguie Grape of California * Norton Grape * Meyer Lemon of California's Central Coast * Moon & Stars watermelon * Yellow-Meated watermelon

Pulses (beans, peas & lentils)

* Arikara Yellow bean * Bolita beans * Brown and White Tepary bean * Cherokee Trail of Tears bean * Christmas Lima bean * Crowder Cowpeas (Mississippi Silver Hull bean) * Four Corners Gold bean * Hidatsa Red bean * Hidatsa Shield Figure bean * Hopi Mottled Lima bean * Hutterite Soup bean * Mesquite pod Flour * O'odham pink bean * Petaluma Gold Rush bean * Rio Zape bean * Santa Maria Pinquitos bean * Sea Island Red Peas * Southern Field Peas * Turkey Craw bean * True Red Cranberry bea Vegetables

* Early Blood Turnip-rooted beet * Lorz Italian garlic * Inchelium Red garlic * Amish Deer Tongue lettuce * Grandpa Admire's lettuce * Speckled lettuce * Tennis Ball lettuce (black seeded) * I'itoi onion * Green Mountain potato * White Cream sweet potato * Ozette potato * Gilfeather Turnip * Beaver Dam pepper * Datil Pepper * Bull Nose Large Bell pepper * Fish pepper * Hinkelhatz Hot pepper * Jimmy Nardello's Sweet Italian Frying pepper * New Mexico Native Chiles * Sheepnose Pimiento * Wenk's Yellow Hot Pepper * Chiltepin Chile * Algonquin squash * Amish Pie squash * Boston Marrow squash * Canada Crookneck Squash * Green-striped cushaw, aka Tennessee Sweet Potato Cushaw squash * Sibley squash * New Mexico Native Tomatillo * Amish Paste tomato * Aunt Molly's Husk tomato (aka Ground Cherry) * Aunt Ruby's German Green tomato * Burbank tomato * Chalk's Early Jewel tomato * Cherokee Purple tomato * Djena Lee's Golden Girl tomato * German Pink tomato * Livingston's Globe tomato * Livingston's Golden Queen tomato * Orange Oxheart tomato * Radiator Charlie's Mortgage Lifter tomato * Red Fig tomato * Sheboygan tomato * Sudduth Strain Brandywine tomato * Valencia tomato

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Last Update: May 23, 2010
NOTE: We are updating profiles as quickly as we can - but if you would like to request that we update a grower's locale profile immediately, CLICK HERE and put in the Locale ID (i.e. CA5005) and we will update the requested profile immediately.

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