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* Locale - noun [loh-kal] A place or locality, including the events, people, food & wine associated with it.
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Latest Reviews
Grower/Rancher: Beefy BoysŪ Brand Beef Jerky
Beefy Boys Promotional T
June 13, 2021
Average Rating:  5.00 of 10.00
Salty but yummy!
Reviewer: Wonder_Woo
Pros:   The texture is more crunchy than other brands.
Cons:   Less salt in the teriyaki flavor
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Grower/Rancher: Calolea Olive Oil
Calolea Olive Oil Mission Blend 250ML - 2011
January 24, 2012
Average Rating:  9.00 of 10.00
Very fresh and robust flavors, you can trust this oil to be the real deal!
Reviewer: Anonymous
Pros:   Freshness & taste are clearly identified.
Cons:   You can see the sediment on the bottom, I think because it's unfiltered?
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Grower/Rancher: Talley Farms
Case Red Bell Pepper (15 ct.)
November 10, 2011
Average Rating:  8.00 of 10.00
This is a test review. Yes, we only gave the sample an 8. Nobody is perfect every time.
Reviewer: Fresh Roots
Pros:   Testing123 pros
Cons:   Testing123 cons
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Grower/Rancher: Old Creek Ranch
1 lb. Valencia Oranges
November 7, 2011
Average Rating:  9.80 of 10.00
This is a sample review for information purposes.
Reviewer: Fresh Roots
Pros:   This is a sample review for information purposes.
Cons:   This is a sample review for information purposes.
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